Closeout - Liquidation Merchandise

Brand Name Liquidation Merchandise from department store over stock items

Closeouts by the Box, Pallet or Truck load

Brand Name Liquidation Merchandise Ship Worldwide

We deal with several freight companies and provide you with quotes at best possible price, we do Liquidations, Liquidators, Odd lots, etc. However, you can arrange your own pickup and you are not obligated to use our contractors. Some companies strictly arrange some loads, as they do not wish to sell to certain states. (I.E. Home Improvement and Sporting goods store) For further details please see export & logistics.

Usually we ship via freight collect, we will provide you with transport company information and whom will make payment arrangements with you. As mentioned above some loads will have to be prepaid due to restricted sale of goods to some states. A pallet is a wooden skid, usually the dimensions are 4x4, and height of pallet will vary depending on department stores. We can say that pallets are usually 4 feet high and can be as high as 6-7 feet tall. Closeout Discounts, Closeout Lingerie, Closeout paint and many others are stacked and shrink-wrapped. A Gaylord is also the same dimensions but, it is a big open box, (looks like a big watermelon box) usually, they use these types of boxes for apparel.

Usually, a percentage of merchandise will be unsellable. The norm of these loads is in sellable condition and all merchandise, which could be Closeout Merchandise, merchandise liquidations, Merchandise liquidators, Surplus merchandise is offered in as-is condition. Profit potential makes returns very popular buying option. Our Staff will explain each load and further explain how you can buy some loads starting as low as 5% of the wholesale value. Some risk factor is to be expected depending on category and product availability.

Our experienced staff prides itself on its ability to facilitate the whole process to you, providing explanations of how the process works, and providing solutions from the point of sale to the delivery of you order, whether that is to your door, or to a port overseas. We provide you with all the valuable knowledge about the closeout brokers industry gleaned from years of market experience in this industry. We work closely with transport companies for both discounts and/or closeout sellers freight forwarding.

We will put you on our mailing list and supply you with product list however; the best and most effective way is to communicate with us daily. Everyday, we receive offers to buy and it is very difficult to advise customers via email on hourly offers. Loads from Department stores are offered on first come first served basis. So we recommend that you call us at 1-800-237-7787 or 954-964-3064 we will give you updates on availability!


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