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Home Improvement Closeouts
If you want interesting and unique home solutions  to stock your shelves, call RS Trading today! We have excellent quality home improvement merchandise. We ship worldwide by the Box, Pallet and Truck Load. Call for current inventory. We are here to help.
Brand Name Home Improvement Merchandise
RS Trading  carries the best in loads for storage, decorations, organizers, or the kitchen!  Mixed lots of high quality Home Improvement merchandise includes brands like Haier, GE, Seasonite, Dupont, Polar, Irwin, Mastercraft, Whirlpool, Maytag, and more.
Closeout Home Improvement Items
At RS Trading, we have a huge mix of assorted area rugs, wall paper, vanities, bath tubs, shelf kits, and more. Our pallets include all types of home improvement items like  door locks, storage containers, tools, lights, and more. Contact us for more information.
Paint Loads
If you need paint as a part of your home improvement offerings, look no further! RS Trading has Paint loads that include all types of  ipaint for every need.  Lots may include e interior paints, exterior paints, ceiling paints, floor paints, and more!  Call for more details. Many shipping locations.
Overstock Power Tools
RS Trading is the leading provider of overstock home improvement tools! We have an extensive selection of name brand power tools that are perfect for home improvement projects in any part of the house! Brands available may include Makita, Craftsman, Kenmore, Hoover, MasterLock, and much more.


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