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Below Wholesale MerchandiseRS Trading is the only company you need to call when you are interested in finding and shopping for below wholesale merchandise! Let us be your provider of all types of high quality goods that are perfect for any industry. We will wow you with our great deals on all types of items, includingtoys, housewares, electronics, sporting goods, and more.


F.H. Green Tag

Below Wholesale MerchandiseAt RS Trading, we have a variety of closeouts and liquidations of General Mixed Merchandise! Call us today to order pallets with a whole lot of value! Each assorted load can be filled with   Catalogue returns, assortment of domestics, housewares, KD furniture, gifts and much more! Give us a call when you are looking to stock up your retail stores or sell to clients abroad.

T**G*T General Mixed Merchandise

General Mixed LiquidationsYou'll be pleasantly surprised when you find out about our amazing deals on  overstock General Mixed Merchandise! Our items are from some of the most well known major department stores around the country. Get their overstock merchandise for a fraction of the retail cost! Merchandise includes an assortment of domestics, housewares, furniture, apparel, supplies and much more!

W*LM**T Hard goods

General Mixed SurplusYou'll be able to fill your shelves with great items that are perfect for any retailer! We have  Convenience Stores merchandise that is made up of overstock, liquidations, and customer returns! Let us fill your shelves with general mixed hard goods and new shelf pulls. Each mixed lot could be filled with whatever you need, including housewares, furniture, toys, domestics, hardware, HBA, sporting goods, automotive, paper products, infants and seasonal items.

AM*S General Mixed Merchandise

General Mixed Closeouts LiquidationsWhen department stores need to clear their shelves of inventory to make room for more shipments, they call us! They give us great deals on some of the most popular items in the industry, and we pass along the savings to you!Get great deals on mixed pallets that may contain an assortment of sporting goods, toys, apparel, domestics, housewares just to name a few!  


B**L** General Mixed Merchandise

General Mixed Closeouts LiquidationsYou'll be able to fill your shelves with great items from department stores around the country when you call RS Trading. Don't wait, if you're looking for great deals on department store merchandise, you've come to the right place! Each assorted pallet or truckload may contain assortment of home decor items, housewares, toys, electronics and much more!


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