Wholesale Surplus Furniture

Wholesale Surplus Furniture - Liquidations

Wholesale Surplus Furniture by the Pallet or Truck load

Wholesale Surplus Furniture

We, RS trading make your bulk-buying of wholesale surplus furniture from us, a perfect experience, in every way! We facilitate you from start to finish. We give you low prices all the way! Whether you sell to furniture stores or special discount stores, buying from us is ideal. Consider making us your main source today and always! Count on us for durable, high- quality Wholesale Surplus Furniture by the truck loads, which may include Entertainment Consoles, Sofas, Bedroom Sets, Cabinets, Love Seats and other highly desirable items.

Office Furniture Closeouts

As a leading source for excellent Wholesale Surplus Furniture and Furniture from Closeouts of high-end stores, we assure you of the type of furniture that you can easily sell on and make good profits from, as well. We offer you bargains which you should not miss out on! Our very low priced mixed assortments may contain Leather Chairs, Executive Desks, Wall Units and other popularly demanded items. Sometimes, you may even get Office Desks, Conference Room Tables, Filing Systems and useful pieces much searched for and favored by your own beloved clients.


Supplying Thousands of Businesses with Liquidation's and Closeouts from the Nations Leading Department Stores