Surplus Excess Inventory Liquidations

Surplus Excess Inventory Liquidations from department store over stock items

Closeouts by the Box, Pallet or Truck load

Surplus Excess Inventory Liquidations - Ship Worldwide

These merchandise liquidations are mostly high demand retail products such as costume jewelry returns, and wholesale designer clothing at great discounts. Large merchandise liquidation sales are a daily occurrence, but we sell even more frequently to the smaller inventory liquidator outfits. Salvage liquidation sales are also frequent and we are large buyers of insurance claim liquidations.

Closeouts are offered and represented as overstock. We have many closeouts categories like for example closeout electronics, Closeout brokers, Closeout Discounts, Closeout Jewelry, and many more. excess inventory closeout usually means 1st quality goods, like soft goods. It can be an Wholesale Designer Clothing of surplus or just one particular closeout item. Customer Store Returns on any kind of closeout are offered by department stores or catalogue companies usually, a percentage of merchandise will be unsellable.

The norm of these loads is in sellable condition and all merchandise, which could be Closeout Merchandise, merchandise liquidations, Merchandise liquidators, Surplus merchandise is offered in as-is condition. Profit potential makes returns very popular buying option. Our Staff will explain each load and further explain how you can buy some loads starting as low as 5% of the wholesale value. Some risk factor is to be expected depending on category and product availability.

FOB is an abbreviation for Freight On Board. There are two parts to this. First, location of the sale and depending of that location, the buyer is responsible for freight charges from that location to his destination. Secondly, if the product was not listed as FOB, and the buyer was in another country and the other buyer in another location, then the seller would have to give different prices to each buyer to make the money from the deal. FOB thus enables a seller to fix one price for all buyers regardless of their location and shipping.

We will put you on our mailing list and supply you with product list however; the best and most effective way is to communicate with us daily. Everyday, we receive offers to buy and it is very difficult to advise customers via email on hourly offers. Loads from Department stores are offered on first come first served basis. So we recommend that you call us at 1-800-237-7787 or 954-964-3064 we will give you updates on availability!


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