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RS Trading has some of the best prices in the industry on any and every closeout item you can possibly think of! Let us help you fill your shelves with the best and most popular closeout item discounted products. We partner with some of the biggest department stores and retailers in the country. This allows us to carry different categories of products, and our inventory changes daily depending on which large department stores or specialty retailers we have delivering to us that particular day! We have closeout item discounts on Dollar Store merchandise, Electronics, Toys, Tools, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Lingerie, Housewares, and more!

Please feel free to contact our offices to find out more information about our closeout item discounts. The more money you can save in purchasing your inventory, the higher your margins are! Let us help your business get to the next level with our amazing discounts on high-quality items that are some of the most popular items in stores today! The items in our inventory come directly from the shelves of large retailers and department stores. Our assorted lots and mixed pallet loads ensure you have a variety of products that can fit the desires of every customer.

Whether you are a large retailer with your own warehouse or a small company that is just starting out, RS Trading can find a closeout item discount package that fits your business needs! Our service representatives can give you any information you desire regarding our mixed lots and pallet assortments. We can help you figure out which of our options will work for you. Call our offices today to find out about the deals and specials for the week. Our inventory changes on a daily basis, and our discounted rates have our pallets and mixed lots flying out of our warehouses. Don't miss out, call us today!

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