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You may advertise branded goods, like brand cosmetics, as marketing technique. However, any trademark names is unauthorized to do so. An agreement of sale is enforced, as these are the conditions from Department stores themselves.

All our customers are different. Some are well established in business with multiple retail outlets and a warehouse of their own. Others are just starting out with minimum surplus closeouts, department store closeouts, department store returns, department store closeouts, Salvage Liquidation, and many others. We make every effort to accommodate the needs of all customers, from those with small budgets to those stocking a whole chain of stores. Our goal is to provide every customer with the same liquidation, liquidator, Liquidation Merchandise, and Salvage Merchandise information, with up to the moment inventories liquidators and availabilities suited to their own buying needs.

Major American department store wholesale closeout merchandise at pennies on the dollar. We have contracts with virtually every major department store in America to dispose of their write-off merchandise, wholesale closeout merchandise at below wholesale prices. Huge inventory. Call now for pricing and inventory.

Much of the Liquidation Merchandise we sell comes from major American department stores and contains oddlots, overstock, store returns, and other surplus merchandise and salvage merchandise that the department stores are unable to retail for whatever reason. In most cases, if a department store cannot retail a product, then it becomes surplus and is written off as a loss. These merchandise liquidations are routinely sold to inventory liquidators, merchandise liquidators, and surplus liquidators like RS Trading Company, who then resell the surplus closeout liquidation by the load to the larger merchandise liquidator dealers, or by splitting the loads and reselling to smaller surplus closeouts and inventory closeout liquidators .

These merchandise liquidations are mostly high demand retail products such as costume jewelry returns, and wholesale designer clothing at great discounts. Large merchandise liquidation sales are a daily occurrence, but we sell even more frequently to the smaller inventory liquidator outfits. Salvage liquidation sales are also frequent and we are large buyers of insurance claim liquidations.

Closeouts are offered and represented as overstock. We have many closeouts categories like for example closeout electronics, Closeout brokers, Closeout Discounts, Closeout Jewelry, and many more. excess inventory closeout usually means 1st quality goods, like softgoods. It can be an Wholesale Designer Clothing of surplus or just one particular closeout item. Customer Store Returns on any kind of closeout are offered by department stores or catalogue companies Usually, a percentage of merchandise will be unsellable. The norm of these loads is in sellable condition and all merchandise, which could be Closeout Merchandise, merchandise liquidations, Merchandise liquidators, Surplus merchandise is offered in as-is condition. Profit potential makes returns very popular buying option. Our Staff will explain each load and further explain how you can buy some loads starting as low as 5% of the wholesale value. Some risk factor is to be expected depending on category and product availability.

FOB is abbreviated for Freight On Board. This means two things. Location of the Closeout sale, and depending of that location, buyer is responsible for freight charges from that location to his destination. If the product was not listed as FOB, and one buyer was in Europe and the other buyer in Kansas City, then the seller would have to give different prices to each buyer to make the money from the deal. FOB thus enables a seller to fix one price for all buyers regardless of their location and shipping needs.

There are only two charges involved, Cost of goods, and your freight. No additional charges are applied unless otherwise specified prior at the time of sale.

We deal with several freight companies and provide you with quotes at best possible price, we do Liquidations, Liquidators, Odd lots, etc. However, you can arrange your own pickup and you are not obligated to use our contractors. Some companies strictly arrange some loads, as they do not wish to sell to certain states. (I.E. Home Improvement and Sporting goods store) For further details please see export & logistics.

Usually we ship via freight collect, we will provide you with transport company information and whom will make payment arrangements with you. As mentioned above some loads will have to be prepaid due to restricted sale of goods to some states.
A pallet is a wooden skid, usually the dimensions are 4x4, and height of pallet will vary depending on department stores. We can say that pallets are usually 4 feet high and can be as high as 6-7 feet tall. Closeout Discounts, Closeout Lingerie, Closeout paint and many others are stacked and shrink-wrapped. A Gaylord is also the same dimensions but, it is a big open box, (looks like a big watermelon box) usually, they use these types of boxes for apparel.

Payment is required within 24 hours of sale. Payments are through wire transfer. We do accept cashiers checks, money order. Company checks are also accepted for some loads; however, it may take longer to release merchandise due to processing to clear. Clearance Running Shoes, Liquidation Tools, Clearance Clothing, Discount Baby Clothing, More Closeouts, Discontinued Items, Wholesale Inventory, Closeout Electronics, Name Brand Wholesale, Overstock Apparel, Closeouts U, Overstock Closeouts, Clearance Women's Clothing, Clothing Pallets, Closeouts Q, Furniture Wholesale, Online Discount Jewelry, Children Clothes Wholesale, Jeans Liquidation, Discounted Running Shoes, Closeout Furniture, Warehouse Liquidations, Even More Discount Closeouts, Furniture Liquidators, Lingerie Closeout, Overstock Furniture, Discount Shoes, Consumer Electronic Liquidators, Online Discount Shoes, Discounted Designer Handbags, Closeout Liquidators, Jewelry Liquidation, DVD Liquidation, Toy Liquidator, Closeouts N, Closeout Toys, Silver Jewelry Wholesale, Liquidation Electronics, Liquidation Surplus, Wholesale Sterling Jewelry, Gucci Discount Handbags, Customer Return Jewelry, Cosmetic Closeout, Wholesale Women's Apparel, Women's Discount Shoes, Clothes Closeout, Cosmetic Closeouts, Designer Discount Handbags, Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale, Warehouse Clearance, Costume Jewelry Wholesalers, And Even More and More General Mixed Merchandise, Used Clothes, Liquidation Center, Closeouts Merchandise, Surplus Toys, Department Store Liquidations, Closeouts and Surplus, Distressed Furniture, Victoria Secret Closeout, Closeout Wholesalers, Closeout Liquidations, Kids Discount Clothes, Below Wholesale Jewelry, Salvage Liquidations, Liquidation Lots, Merchandise Wholesalers, Clothing Off Price Wholesale, Overstock Fashion Accessory, Shoes Closeout, Kid Surplus, Discount Designer Clothing, Surplus Dealers, Surplus Closeout, Brand Name Wholesale, Discontinued Merchandise, Men's Discount Dress Shoes, Discontinued Shoes, Wholesale Designer Clothing, Clearance Lingerie, Below Wholesale Salvage, Fashion Accessory Closeouts, Jewelry Closeouts, Closeout Clothing,
Some minimums do apply on certain loads or pallet deals. However, we are very flexible and willing to offer you availabilities suited to your budget and warehouse space. Please let us know which lots or loads are of interest and we will look into supplying you at a comfortable solution.

We will put you on our mailing list and supply you with product list however; the best and most effective way is to communicate with us daily. Everyday, we receive offers to buy and it is very difficult to advise customers via email on hourly offers. Loads from Department stores are offered on first come first served basis. So we recommend that you call us at 1-800-237-7787 or 954-964-3064 we will give you updates on availability!

Our experienced staff prides itself on its ability to facilitate the whole process to you, providing explanations of how the process works, and providing solutions from the point of sale to the delivery of you order, whether that is to your door, or to a port overseas. We provide you with all the valuable knowledge about the closeout brokers industry gleaned from years of market experience in this industry. We work closely with transport companies for both discounts and/or closeout sellers freight forwarding. You can see many of our products ( if not all) on this website, we have many different types of products like for example child clothing wholesale, apparel salvage , closeout tools, silver jewelry wholesale, and many more.

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