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Contact RS Trading for pallets of great merchandise and everything you would expect from the leading department store liquidators in the industry. We offer great deals on pallets and truckloads of merchandise from all types of industries. Whether you are a small specialty retailer, an online auctioneer, or a chain of drugstores, we can stock your inventory with the products your customers are looking for! If you own an importing and exporting company,  we can help you get your purchases across country borders and to their final destination with ease, since we can act as a customs broker on behalf of our customers.

What sets RS Trading apart from its competitors? That's so easy to explain! At RS Trading, dedication to customer service is unparalleled in the industry. Every day we work hard as department store liquidators to secure the products and merchandise that our customers are looking for to stock their shelves and inventory with. The products are sourced directly from some of the most popular and well known department stores and large specialty realtors in the country. Our material is brand new quality and consists of shipments compiled from store returns, shelf pulls, overstock, liquidations, and more.

Our company has been in business for decades with the simple philosophy of providing the best service possible at all times. We have a great selection of wholesale apparel, home goods, automotive goods, baby supplies, children's toys, cosmetics, makeup, nail polishes, jewelry, athletic and casual footwear, and more. We offer shipping worldwide and can provide merchandise by the Box, Truckload, or Pallet! We can coordinate an inventory solution that is customized uniquely to your business. So don't hesitate! Call our offices today to speak to a member from our sales team.

Supplying Thousands of Businesses with Liquidation's and Closeouts from the Nations Leading Department Stores